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katielims's Journal

Katie Cassidy Lims
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A LIMS community based on the beautiful actress Katie Cassidy

Welcome to katielims, the first Katie Cassidy last icon maker standing community!
To participate, you must sign up in the sign up post which will be posted in the beginning of each round. Once you sign up, a skip will be given to you and in order to gain another one you have to promote the community. When the voting goes up, a contestant or two will be eliminated until one person remains, who will be the Last Icon Maker Standing.

-You must join and watch the community to sign up.
-You may only submit one icon to each challenge.
-All icons must fit Lj standards(100x100 px, under 40kb, in jpg or png).
-Your icons must remain anonymous until the results are posted.
-Icons must be new and made specially for the contest.
-All effects are allowed, except animation.
-You may not vote for yourself or ask others to vote for you.
-Make sure your host allows hotlinking.
-Icons must be submitted with both img src & url.

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